Abstract Instruction Page

Call for ‘Free’ & ‘Award’ Papers

The Scientific Committee invites delegates who wish to give a presentation during the PEDICON 2014, the 51st National Conference of Indian Academy of Pediatrics, to be held from January 8-12, 2014 at Brilliant Convention Centre, Indore (M.P.) to submit the `Abstracts’ of their scientific studies.

Paper Category: Free Papers

The mode of presentation of free papers will be decided by the scrutinizing committee from amongst the abstracts received and authors will be informed accordingly. The papers not taken for ‘Oral’ will be taken for ‘Poster’.
The text of the ‘Abstract’ should contain no more than 250 words. It should be structured as far as possible in the following manner (Except Case Reports):

(a) Introduction
(b) Aims & Objectives
(c) Material & Methods (including statistical methods where relevant)
(d) Results
(e) Conclusions.


1. Abstracts can be submitted via email ID: centraloffice@iapindia.org, abstracts.pedicon2014@gmail.com and abstract@pedicon2014.org
2. The deadline for sending in abstracts is 30th September 2013. This deadline will be strictly observed.
3. Abstracts or full papers sent by hard copy will not be accepted.
4. Each delegate are allowed to submit only two abstracts.
5. Please quote your Central IAP membership number (mandatory).
6. Papers from non-members will not be accepted
7. You must have acknowledgement of the receipt of paper from Central IAP for the papers submitted by you.
8. Please mention the category of paper according to Sub-specialty given below:

Adolescent Pediatrics (ADOL) Cardiology (CAR) Community Pediatrics (CP)
Endocrinology (ENDO) Gastroenterology (GE) Genetics (GENE)
Growth & Development (GD), Hematology – Oncology (HO) Infectious Diseases (ID)
Intensive Care (IC) Neonatology (NEO) Nephrology (NEP)
Neurology (NEU) Nutrition (NUT) Respiratory (RESP)
Rheumatology (RHE) Miscellaneous (MISC)
Paper Category: Award Papers

Research papers are invited in following categories of awards.
(Mandatory: Read the award rules before submission of your paper, which may be obtained from the Central Office on request. The papers not submitted as per award rules will be rejected.)

. Dr. S. T. Achar Endowment Award (One Prize) for the best paper on “Pediatrics”.
. Dr. James Flett Endowment Award (Two Prizes) for the best papers on “Social & Preventive Pediatrics”.
. Dr. S. S. Manchanda Neonatology Research Award (One Prize) for the best paper on “Neonatology”.
. Dr. V. Balagopal Raju Endowment Award (Two Prizes) for the best papers on “Child Health”.


1.The hard copy of the SUMMARY as well as FULL PAPER in 4 (FOUR COPIES) should be submitted to Indian Academy of Pediatrics, Kailas Darshan, Near Kennedy Bridge, (Nana Chowk), Mumbai 400007 along with the declaration certificate as prescribed in the award rules.
2.The SUMMARY should not be more than 250 words.
3.The FULL AWARD PAPER should be in the style of “Indian Pediatrics”.
4.The TITLE of the paper should be brief but adequately descriptive.
5.The text of the summary should be structured as far as possible into the following manner:
(a) Introduction (b) Aims & Objectives (c) Materials & Methods (including statistical methods where relevant) (d) Results (e) Conclusions.
6. The papers not accepted for award competition will not be presented in any other category.
7. The last date for submission of award papers at the Central IAP Office (Hard Copy) is 30th September 2013.

Notification of selection of Papers:

The Scientific Committee will review abstracts and notification of acceptance / rejection will be sent to the first authors indicated in the papers, by 1st Week of December 2013. Please contact the IAP office at centraloffice@iapindia.org if you do not hear by this time.


The Scientific Committee will consider abstracts for an ‘Oral’ or ‘Poster’ presentation. All presentations must be in English.

Best Poster Awards:

All posters in the sub specialties mentioned in the list will be considered for the “Best Poster Awards”. Judging will be based on scientific merit, visual presentation and the potential significance of the clinical research. Detailed instructions for poster paper presenters will be sent after the selection process is complete.


Authors who have been notified that their abstract is accepted for oral or poster presentation will please note that they ought to register for the PEDICON 2014, as per the prevailing fees at the time of registration.

Publication of papers:

The papers that have been accepted for publication will be published in proceedings of PEDICON 2014. IAP holds all publication rights including copyright unless otherwise intimated to the authors by IAP in writing.

Please Note: In case you are facing problems in submitting abstract, please contact : Prashant Kashyap | Mobiile : +91-9811594794 Email : prashantkashyap@travel2india.com